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Business Description

We are on the market as a supplier of steel flanges of all quality grades and sizes. These flanges are made in our own premises, on special machining semi-automatic machines and multi-spindle drills. Thanks to that, we can meet demanding customer requirements.


Flanges are the core product of our company, KVINTAS s.r.o. According to the customer's requirement a flange is made and delivered in the shortest possible time, for an affordable price and in a specified quality according to ČSN, EN, DIN, ANSI or other standards.

Company Head Office

KVINTAS s.r.o.
Vraclavská ulice
Vysoké Mýto 566 01
Czech Republic
Fax.: +420 465 420 401
GSM: +420 722 940 448
E-mail: odbyt@priruby-kvintas.cz



CERTIFICATE PED 97/23/EG - 2014/68/EU

Certifikát SMK platnost 2020 až 2023 Kvintas RC 2017 QMS CZ Certifikat W0 KVINTAS 2020 2023 Certifikat PED KVINTAS 2020 2023